It's a big land. Think Big.

Australia’s a big land. For livestock farmers, it can mean big challenges - and even bigger potential. It’s estimated that new technologies have the potential to help increase agricultural productivity by 70%, by 2050 (Beecham Research). That’s why we’ve developed the nextgeneration of livestock solutions. The livestock industry is crowded with research and best practice information, which is often difficult to implement.

Bayer aims to focus on its core competencies, animal health and welfare, and to partner with experts in fields such as farm software, livestock management, and animal nutrition to  deliver Bayer’s new platform. There’s simply no other farm management solution that focuses on livestock innovation, and helps you implement it into your operation.

Why Bayer Grow?

Bayer is driving change for the better. Compared to other industries, livestock has lagged in technology adoption and improving efficiencies. Traditionally, we have been too single-minded in production approaches of ‘bug, drug, kill’ or ‘deficiency, treatment, solution’. This has led to habitual thinking, making it hard to be holistically focused on a production
system. Fundamental change was needed - Bayer Grow.

Bayer has developed a new platform, and partnered with industry leaders, to revolutionise livestock farming efficiency, by bringing together the best solutions and advice for livestock production.

Partnering to advance the future.

Bayer Grow has partnered with industry leaders, AgriWebb and DSM Nutritionals. AgriWebb’s software supports the Grow platform. It’s your advanced management tool to unlock the highest possible productivity. DSM Nutritionals are a global animal nutrition supplier. With their scientific expertise, Grow StayDry can offer the latest and best in animal nutrition. Available through a network of selected reseller stores, each store will have a trained livestock agronomist delivering Grow. Importantly, in-store staff won’t just offer valuable advice, they’ll recommend only the best product for the job – even if it’s not from Bayer. 

What is Bayer Grow?

Bayer Grow is a unique platform, formed by a collaboration of innovative companies, that deliver next generation livestock solutions. Led by Bayer, Grow is an umbrella brand for advice, products and management programs, delivered through advanced software technology.

Science and data for better results.

Only Grow brings insights on products and solutions together on a cloud based digital farm management platform. You can now have science, on-farm data and valuable  expertise on hand to help you make better livestock decisions. Decisions that will help you grow more, from less.

Simplifying livestock solutions.

Implementing tailored livestock programs will be made simpler, more accurate, and more traceable. Seeing your operation through a single integrated platform, you can more easily plan, measure and analyse your operation.

Improved decision making.
Decision-making will become sharper, smarter, and simpler - using local, data-driven insights to improve on-farm decision-making and execution, helping you to predict what is coming around the corner, and to act upon it more effectively.

What is the role of Bayer Grow?

A team of experts for support along the way.

Bayer is continuing to invest in its team of nutritionists, veterinarians and technical specialists to support Australian livestock producers. Develop tailored livestock programs. Bayer has developed Grow programs that integrate best management animal health, welfare and nutritional practices for sheep and cattle across Australia.

Develop Grow platforms.

Adopting new practices or programs can be challenging and difficult to implement. To simplifiy this, Grow programs are available through the Grow website and the AgriWebb platform. AgriWebb will enable farm management to become more
focused, smarter, and simpler, by integrating programs into operational calendars and task management.

Develop livestock agronomists.

Bayer will develop and train a network of livestock agronomists across selected reseller stores, giving them access to the very best program advice and industry intelligence that is supported by a digital platform.