Grow. Partnerships that bring you the biggest thinking out there.

Bayer has always been a trusted partner when it comes to innovative and forward-looking technologies and solutions. The approach Bayer has chosen to take is one of collaboration. Bayer aims to focus on its core competencies – animal health and welfare – and to partner with experts in fields such as farm management software, nutrition and advisory services, to deliver its customer the best possible production solution. To make this fundamental change a reality, we’ve forged partnerships with leaders in the industry. These alliances will give farmers access to the latest, and very best, solutions and advice out there.

Continuing our history of successful collaborations, Bayer has exclusive partnerships with AgriWebb and DSM Nutritional Products. Both are integral to our commitment to take livestock production to the next level by improving feed conversion efficiency and productivity.


Our team - ready for the next generation.

We’re investing in our people to help them bring about a revolution in livestock production. Bayer has a team of experts in animal health, nutrition, welfare and management who will be working with our reseller network to deliver Grow and help farmers bring out the best in their livestock operation.


Grow programs. Developed to bring out the best.

Adopting new practices or programs can be challenging and difficult to implement. To make this easy, Grow programs will be available through the Grow website and at a more advanced level integrated onto the AgriWebb software - where you can further tailor it for your operation.

Grow programs integrate best management nutrition, animal health and welfare practices for sheep and cattle regions Australia-wide. These regions are chosen according to environmental and climatic conditions, known prevalent diseases and nutritional deficiencies. This valuable data lets our expert team tailor advice and programs to help farmers produce more from the same amount of land.

The Bayer team and Grow partners are essential elements in giving farmers the best possible programs. Which in turn helps them make better decisions in their livestock operations.


DSM Nutritional Products.

The concept of animal nutrition and all it entails is complex. DSM Nutritional Products is a world leading supplier of vitamins, carotenoids and other ingredients to the feed, food, pharmaceutical and personal care industries. Combining this with their expertise in specialty animal nutritional solutions, DSM is a strategic partner of Bayer Grow. Bayer and DSM Nutritional Products have entered into a collaboration and promotional services agreement to provide farmers in Australia with the latest in ruminant nutrition technology that help improve productivity and profitability.

Being the only fully integrated nutritional global player, DSM supply high quality nutritional products into aquaculture, poultry, swine, companion and ruminant industries. Heavy investment in new technology research and development ensures their products and ingredients are backed by science.

The DSM StayDry nutritional loose lick supplement products designed for beef and sheep are owned, manufactured and distributed by DSM Nutritional Products. The StayDry products are integrated into the Bayer Grow programs, where they are suitably recommended as the best product for the job. The StayDry range will be available through a network of reseller stores across Australia. Bayer’s dedicated team of Grow expert advisors offer on-farm advice to support the product range and programs.


AgriWebb - digitalising livestock management.

By combining the power of a farmer’s instinct with cutting-edge technologies of today, such as RFID tracking, predictive analytics and farm management software, we can help a farmer to make best-informed decisions every day, month, season, or year. Decision-making will become sharper, smarter, and simpler for the farmer, anywhere, anytime. This is our vision. We think of digital technology in livestock production as the engine that drives the future of this industry. This will help to enable increased productivity while considering the cost and environmental footprint of agriculture at the same time. Rather than add to the complexity, it will make the world of farming a more predictable and safe place, empowering farmers to do what they do best - now and in the future.

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AgriWebb is a software company pioneering data driven livestock efficiency. Their software supports the Bayer Grow programs. By integrating Grow programs onto the AgriWebb platform farmers will be able optimize their business management through a single window – save time, lower costs, increase animal productivity, and use their resources more efficiently and sustainably.

The AgriWebb platform is the evolution of livestock into a digitalized industry – local, data-driven insights can improve on-farm decision-making and execution, helping farmers to predict what is coming around the corner and to act upon it more effectively.

AgriWebb software is available to trial and purchase through the Grow website. Trained Bayer Grow advisors and staff in selected reseller stores across Australia are available to assist farmers with signing up and using AgriWebb software.


Reseller stores - a network of livestock agronomists.

Farming has and always will be a field where decisions are made from a mixture of knowledge, experience, and gut-instinct. Doing the right thing, in the right place, the right way, and at the right time – that’s what precision livestock farming is all about. As key advisors, reseller stores are trained to be current with industry best-practice solutions, software technology, animal nutrition, health and welfare to help farmers more accurately predict outcomes and optimise their livestock operations.

We aim to develop a network of livestock agronomists. We will equip them with the most practical and usable decision making tools that can make the implementation of livestock programs on the farm a much easier task and help to improve productivity in a sustainable manner.

And because we are putting farmers first, our training won’t be all about Bayer: it will embrace the best products or practices for the job.