By combining the power of a farmer’s instinct with cutting-edge technologies of today, such as RFID tracking, predictive analytics and farm management software, Bayer Grow can help a farmer to make best-informed decisions every day, month, season, or year. Decision-making will become sharper, smarter, and simpler for the farmer, anywhere, anytime. This is Bayer Grow's vision. We think of digital technology in livestock production as the engine that drives the future of this industry. This will help to enable increased productivity while considering the cost and environmental footprint of agriculture at the same time. Rather than add to the complexity, it will make the world of livestock farming a more predictable and safe place, empowering farmers to do what they do best - now and in the future.

AgriWebb is a software company pioneering data driven livestock efficiency. The AgriWebb platform is the evolution of livestock into a digitalized industry – local, data-driven insights can improve on-farm decision-making and execution, helping farmers to predict what is coming around the corner and to act upon it more effectively.

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Bayer has partnered with AgriWebb, a leading farm software company to bring you a simple and easy to use farm management tool, the AgriWebb NoteBook. The AgriWebb NoteBook is an app with a cloud based farm management portal, which allows you to collect all farm records on the go. Through the reporting and analytics, you can make data driven
decisions to increase profitability through greater production and efficiency. The AgriWebb NoteBook will transform how you manage your farm operations and help you farm smarter.



AgriWebb's software supports the Bayer Grow programs. By integrating Grow programs onto the AgriWebb platform farmers will be able optimize their business management through a single window – save time, lower costs, increase animal productivity, and use their resources more efficiently and sustainably.

Bayer Grow and AgriWebb bring expertise in product innovation and best practice farm programs together on a digital platform to deliver the next generation of farming and bring out the best in your operation.

AgriWebb software is available to trial and purchase through the Grow website. Trained Bayer Grow advisors and staff in selected reseller stores across Australia are available to assist farmers with signing up and using AgriWebb software.