StayDry™ Beta Breed

StayDry Beta Breed is a waterproof lick powder nutritional supplement for cattle and sheep. It is a self-limiting supplement designed to improve fertility by alleviating deficiencies of macro minerals, trace minerals as well as key vitamins and carotenoids prior to joining.

Product is not hazardous and therefore does not require an SDS.

StayDry™ Beta Breed
  • Vitamin A: Essential for growth and vision. Critical for male and female reproduction processes.
  • beta-Carotene: Precursor of Vitamin A and vital for reproduction function and performance.
  • Vitamin D3: Absorption and homeostasis of calcium and phosphorus in the animal. Essential for bone health and regulation of immune cells.
  • Trace elements: Includes selenium, copper and zinc to optimise reproductive function.

What are the benefits?

Directions for Use